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How to use Relic Stores? Relic Stores is divided into several areas, primarily our online stores focusing on our vendors and our vendors customers, and marketing, helping our vendors stay profitable. If you are searching for a great FREE online stores, compare Relic eCommerce packages and you will find the best prices for any value on the market today. And we work to stay with the best for the least expense. Our goals are to make you the vendor as profitable as possible. Why? Simply, the more you make, the more we make, and where can or does any online vendor catering business state that “a vendor doesn’t need to even make one sale to make money!” Answer, only here at Relic Stores!

How to post your app

Choose your plan and post your app

Choose best plan for you to post your plan. By default, you have free plan which gives you ability to post your app (moderation requires) without additional features, like direct link on your site, direct links on your prices, contacts, video and screenshots

Paid membership gives you ability to add apps without moderation

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