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Buying – Investing in Domains and Websites may take some time to investigate and have a better perspective of what a true evaluation is and the price you are willing to either buy, rent or sell your Domain or Website/Domain for.

For those either selling a Website or Domain, Relic Enterprize LLC believes that Virtual Real Estate “VRE” is for more valuable than Constructive Real Estate “CRE” for secure long term investing. Why? As both VRE and CRE have unmovable Locations and both are Location driven, VRE has the ability to reach a Global Market where CRE holds only to its local area.

In contrast VRE for a small business can open doors a county over, or around the world, turning a small Business into a global venture.

There are risks in investing in domains and websites, and we suggest you take some time to read up a little before jumping in. You should take some time to either write to an iTeam Domain/Website specialist, or in live chat, appointments for phone conversations can be requested for non-members and general members have full time domain and website purchasing/selling support.

Here are a couple first time investors information sites.

  3. Want to invest in domains here are the 7 golden rules

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